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These are web sites that I created or worked on, whether for myself, for my employers, for clients, for friends, or just for the heck of it. Unfortunately, some of my best projects have been intranets and extranets which aren't accessible to the public, so the links here don't always show off my best work.

Note that just because I had something to do with these sites doesn't mean that they're entirely my work, or that I agree with everything in them, or that they actually follow all of my web tips, or that I still have anything to do with them. It just means that, at some point, I did work related to them, either on the job, as a hobby, because somebody suckered me into doing it as a free service, or something. If a site has been redesigned to the point of losing all traces of anything I did for it, I usually remove it from this list, so these sites should have some semblance of my work in them, but aren't necessarily totally consistent with my development philosophy. Clear?

  • What I do in my day job...

    I did a lot of programming behind these sites (mostly investment newsletters), which have a lot of sophisticated logic behind the scenes... which, usually, nobody notices except when it screws up... :) I'd put the name of my boss here, but last time I did, this page ended up ranking higher in search engines on searches for his name than any of his actual commercial sites, which tends to be embarrassing especially when he's showing stuff off to clients, investors, business partners, and the like. :) It's not that I'm trying to get my personal stuff better-ranked than the stuff I do for pay, but the search engines do tend to give pretty good treatment to my personal pages, maybe because they have lots of text and relatively little graphical glitziness (though redesigns gradually put a little bit of "pep" into them... but they still need much work there). Anyway, here are some of the sites I work on... more are coming soon.

  • Softdisk -- I was involved in some way with this software publisher turned ISP for a major part of its long history, beginning when I became a charter subscriber to their first product, a monthly magazine on disk for the Apple II computer, in September, 1981. I was a frequent contributor to the Apple diskmagazine (or "magazette" as they called it then) in its early years, then got a summer job there in 1984 to help them launch their Commodore 64 product Loadstar (now independent of Softdisk and still hanging on, after managing to outlast all the other Softdisk diskmagazines). I was then hired full-time after graduating college and was the original editor of their diskmagazine for PC compatibles, Big Blue Disk (later On Disk Monthly and still later Softdisk PC). Though I quit at the end of 1988, they couldn't keep me away, so I was back by 1990 to be involved in a succession of projects including an online software store on the Prodigy service, until they jumped into the Internet in a big way in 1995, becoming not only an Internet download store but also a dialup ISP and Web design firm. However, at the turn of the non-purist millennium (January 2000, not 2001) I finally left them for good to take a new job elsewhere.

    • Whoops, there aren't any around any more... as of early 2005, the last two sites I still listed here had gone offline along with all the others that used to be on this list, leaving nothing. Sad...
    • But there's an in-browser runnable version of a DOS utility, DOS Manager, I created for Softdisk's diskmagazines, here.
  • dan.info -- The portal to all my personal sites. Here are some of them:

    • dan.tobias.name -- my newly redesigned personal site.

    • Dan's Web Tips -- hints for Web developers.

    • Dan's Domain Site -- everything you wanted to know about domain names.

    • Dan's Mail Format Site -- about the format of e-mail, and how to keep your mail program from screwing it up.

    • Mpedia -- the wiki encyclopedia about Mensa, the high-IQ society. (Not affiliated with or endorsed by Mensa.)

    • haters.info -- I got that domain in the landrush for the new .info ending, and am using it to provide protest sites with meaningful subdomains redirecting to their actual address.

    • Tiffany, the great young vocalist (and now Playboy girl) -- I created the longest-running fan site about her.

    • Tatiana, Latina singer and children's TV host -- I created the leading fan site about her (not being fluent in Spanish didn't stop me...)

    • Lizzie McGuire Timeline -- chronology of events occurring and mentioned in the Disney Channel program.

    • Enough of those silly address labels already! -- a way to respond to all those organizations that flood you with more mailing labels than you can possibly use.

    • The WebHeads SIG is a special interest group of American Mensa which I run, catering to Web developers (amateur and professional).

  • Other sites I'm involved with:

  • Stuff I've been involved with in the past, though I'm not really connected with the sites any more:

    • Patternworks is a company founded by my mother, with lots of things of interest to knitters. I helped get her on the Web way back when most people barely knew it existed, and the site has grown and evolved since then. The current site doesn't have much of my work in it, actually, though I have helped out on script coding or other technical issues on occasion. Now the company is under different management, and I hear they're redesigning the site again.

    • Top Hits Online -- the online pop chart generated based on user votes. While I've never been the one who actually compiles these charts, I did help bring it to the Internet from its origin on the message boards of the Prodigy online service, and maintained its Web site for a long time with a searchable archive. However, somebody else runs the site now, and the current design doesn't use any of my coding.


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